Air Passage is a facility provided to all government-sponsored students. This facility is awarded to students during their second academic year.
The Online Air Passage and Travel form (Online APT) is for all Brunei scholars including MOE, MOE(doctors), DANA, BAS, MORA, UBD, and SBPP recipients to complete and submit before travelling back to Brunei, within Australia or abroad.
Self-Pay Travel
Anythime a Brunei Government sponsored scholars and private or self-paying student decides to pay for their travelling expenses during their stay in Australia or New Zealand, the student is required to inform EAUC by submitting the Online APT.
Students are to complete Sections A, B, C, D, E, and G of the Online APT and encouraged to submit the completed form early, preferably at least ONE (1) month before date of departure. No submission of other documents is necessary.
Air Passage
This facility is only applicable for scholars under MOE (including doctors), DANA, BAS, MORA and UBD and SBPP students. The Online APT can be used to apply for the following facilities.
  • Biennial Passage
  • End-of-Study Passage
  • End-of-study with Semester Extension
  • End-of-Study with Program Upgrade
  • End of Study with Stay Extension
  • One Way - Scholarship Termination
  • One Way -  Student Withdraw
  • Work Experience and Internship
  • Elective and Placement
  • Educational Visit
  • Research
Students are to complete Sections A, B, C, D, F and G only and submit the completed Online APT at least two (2) months before date of departure. To help with the ticketing process, students are also required to provide EAUC with a pdf copy of your passport (detail page) and Student Visa only.
EAUC will at it best, ensure that all flights itinery request proposed by students are met and will give students the opportunity to confirm all their ticketing details. Once this is confirmed, EAUC will acquire the ticket from the agent.
Once the tickets are purchased, EAUC bears no financial responsibility for any changes made to the ticket by students. Any additional charges as a result of changes made after tickets are issued will be borne by the students.

The nominal baggage allowance for domestic and international tickets is 23kg and 30kg respectively. Any excess will be paid by the students.

Self-Purchased Tickets
A student may purchase their own ticket early keeping in mind not to purchase any add-ons such as seat bookings, meals, excess baggage, etc. Student may apply for a reimbursement using the Online AFR2 or Online AFR4 form. Reimbursement will be made to the price of a similar dated ticket purchased by EAUC.
Students are required to provide a pdf copy of the air ticket and tax invoice/receipts. Travelling expenses such as payments for taxi, train, Uber may only be reimbursed for End-of-Study Passage.
Transit in Melbourne
Student may opt to transit/stay in Melbourne before returning to Brunei. EAUC will only provide air ticket from Melbourne to Brunei. Student will pay for their own air travel in Melbourne and other incidentals such as accommodation and commuting expenses.
EAUC will only cover accommodation and commuting expenses during transit in Melbourne if there are no connecting flight to Brunei on the sa xme day.
Returning from Brunei
Transit in Melbourne is allowed on the return journey with full air passage to the student's city of study. Students will pay for any incidentals during their stay in Melbourne.

Third Country Transit
Students using their air passage entitlement are to fly direct to Brunei and may not transit in a third country. If the entitlement is used to travel to a third country, EAUC will only pay for the final leg to Brunei. Students are required to write to the Director of Studies for permission, at least three (3) months before date of departure.
Students may choose to purchase their air tickets first. However, reimbursement is only possible once permission is given by MOE.