Upon completing their studies and receiving their semester examination results, final year students are given approximately FOUR (4) weeks to settle all loose ends including the submission of their BTB forms, before they return to Brunei. 

Some students might also decide to extend their stay. In this case, they are advised to apply to the EAUC for a stay extension. Applications must inform the EAUC at least SIX (6) weeks before the end of the university’s normal semester (teaching and learning period)

  • Students are strongly advised not to over stay their student visa, as this may complicate matters at airport immigration. It will also make re-entry to Australia difficult.
  • Once final results are released, the MOE will only provide approximately FOUR (4) weeks of allowances to students. Students extending their stay beyond this period will not receive further allowances.
  • Students whose scholarships are terminated must return to Brunei within TWO (2) weeks after the termination date. 
  • In order to settle all personal matters, students may apply for a few days extension.
  • Students are usually allowed to extend their stay if they continue their studies as private students.  
  • Please submit your ESP form if you plan to continue your studies privately.


Student need to fill in Application to Extend Stay Period (ESP) form. Applicants will have to provide a strong reason for extending their stay and submit supporting documents (in pdf format) regarding the purpose, such as:
  • Passport - Personal Details Page       
  • Only
  • Visa
  • Employemt Agreement or other Offers
  • Letter of Recommendation