Academic Transcript

  • It is a good idea to get a copy of your academic transcript before you leave. However, you are advised to wait until your final grades have been posted before ordering an academic transcript to ensure that you have a complete listing of your grades.
  • Fast turnaround academic transcripts are available over the counter at University. Students should provide photo ID and pay the appropriate fee. You are advised to wait until your final grades have been posted before ordering an academic transcript.
  • You can also order a copy of your transcript once you return home. You will need to download and complete the form online, and then submit it by email, fax, or post to you respective universities.

Course Results

Students’ final course results will be available online. First semester results are expected to be released by July. Replacement / Additional Assessment (R/AA) results (known as supplementary exams) will be released by August. If your result is not available when you log in, contact your School or Faculty for advice. Please note University staff members are not permitted to release results over the telephone. 

Keep Couse Descriptions

It is suggested that before you go home you print the relevant course descriptions from the course profile. Keep these with your Academic Transcript, as they may be helpful for job applications or for future credit transfer if you wish to do further studies in other universities anywhere in the world.

Course Upgrade

  • Students who wish to upgrade their qualification are required to apply for a course upgrade. Students can submit their form to the Director of Studies at EAUC with all supporting documents requested.

  • Students are encouraged to plan ahead and scout for suitable programs. If no offer is secured by the time scholarship announcements are posted on the MOE portal around January – March each year, students can still forward the offer letter on a later date.  Students also need to forward their ERF as soon as their final results are released.

Visa Extensions

  • If you are planning to apply for a course extension or upgrade you may also need to have your visa extended.
  • As a current student, you can seek advice from your university’s international office.


In general, the university cannot help you with your visa application. A visa extension can only be granted by Immigration Australia.  However, the university can provide you with a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), that can help support your application for a visa extension.

Monthly Allowances

  • The EAUC will hold your final monthly stipend and travelling allowances temporarily and will release payment to the student’s account within (7) working days before flight departure to Brunei.
  • For Masters and PhD students, the payment of monthly allowances will stop at the end of the scholarship term or on the departure date to Brunei, which ever comes first.
  • Please ensure your Australian bank account is active to allow transfer of payment before your departure to Brunei.


  • Any overpayment of allowance must be settled with the EAUC before departure to Brunei.

Examination Results

  • Students also need to complete and forward individual ERFs to the Education Attaché Unit within three days after final results are announced.
  • Please also attach your result transcript and the confirmation of your academic status in your email.



End-of-study Passage

  • This entitlement for a return air passage to Brunei Darussalam applies to all government sponsored scholars who have completed their studies. Students are only allowed to go back once results are out and the all clear from any resit(s) is given. Students may are permitted to fly back to Brunei seven (7) days, at the latest, after their results are released.


Graduation Robe

  • Students can purchase their graduation robe at their own expense and claim for reimbursement later. Students need to forward the scanned original receipt to the EAUC for payment.  Only the cost of the graduation robe is reimbursed. Others costs, such delivery, rental or entry ticket are not.


  • Students who have completed their program can apply for a reimbursement of the cost of printing and binding their final year dissertation/thesis.
  • Payment is made once the student has provided a pdf copy of the dissertation/thesis on compact disc to the EAUC

Shipping of Personal Items

  • Students are advised to contact shipping services, such as Pack and Send. Students’ shipping entitlement is 40 cubic feet or 1.13 cubic metres and includes the cost of packing and packaging materials. Any other costs will be borne by students. Students need to inform the company to forward the invoice to the Brunei Darussalam High Commission in Canberra for payment.


Final Year Claims

  • Effective the year 2010, the Ministry of Education will only entertain all final year claims on completion of study.
  • Students must include tax invoices or payment receipts when submitting claims for Visa payments, OSHC, thesis and dissertation binding costs, field trips, graduation robe purchase, dental treatment, etc. 


Back-to-Brunei Reporting Form

  • Students are also required to submit the BTB form at least seven (7) working days before leaving for Brunei.
  • This is to ensure all allowances and reimbursements are paid before students go back to Brunei.
  • Failure to do so may hinder payment of monthly allowances and the reimbursement of final year claims.


  • Once cerified, the EAUC will email the BTB back within three (3) days after the student returns to Brunei.
  • In Brunei, students are expected to submit the verified BTB and exam results to the Scholarship Division during reporting.    


Reporting Back to Brunei

  • Students upon their return to Brunei are required to report to the Head of the Scholarship Division within five (5) working days.
  • Students are to bring with them their BTB form and a copy of their academic transcript or statement.