Year 1 – 6 Medical and dentistry students will receive monthly living and travelling allowances and a book, clothing and stationery or equipment allowance every year.

In their third year, medical and dentistry students will see an increase in their monthly stipends equivalent to that of a postgraduate student

Compulsary Elective Training

During compulsory elective training, medical students will be provided with the following facilities:
  • Training fee – fully sponsored
  • Accommodation – maximum BND$70.00 per day inclusive of 2 days prior to and after arrival.
  • Visa and Visa Health Check
  • Vaccination as required by university
  • Travelling allowance between residence - elective training venue - residence if the placement is in the country of study.
  • Students undergoing elective training in a third country are entitled to air passage to/from a country of training.


  • Students are required to submit their application for elective training at least three (3) months before their proposed departure date or start of training, whichever comes first.
  • If the elective training coincides with the student’s biennial leave, the biennial passage can be used for the elective training.
  • If the air travel cost exceeds the amount for biennial passage back to Brunei, the student is required to pay for the difference.
  • However, if the entitlement does not coincide with the student’s biennial passage, the government will fully sponsor the air travel cost for the elective training.

Postgraduate Medical Training

Medical and dentistry students are required to keep a dossier of their placement and training history. This will facilitate your application for postgraduate medical training. Students are advised to forward their completed Postgraduate Medical Training (PGMT) form to the EAUC’s Director of Studies at least three (3) months before the placement or training starts.
Students and doctor trainees are also reminded to provide the following documents below. These are essential and helps MoE and the Postgraduate Advisory & Training Board (PGATB) under the Ministry of Health when considering your application. The forms needed:
  • Letter of Intent for training
  • Letter of References - at least 3
  • Latest Training Progress Report
  • Current Employment Contract
  • Supervisor Report – from previous placements
  • Previous Employment Contracts
  • RACGP or equivalent registration examination result if taken
PGATB is a referral for training and not the authority for approval. There is a Joint body comprising of MOH and MOE Higher Executive that would give the approval, therefore, it is best to submit applications well in advance for approval.

  • Doctor trainees are advised to get in touch with their relevant specialties in MOH, especially when back on holiday in Brunei. This will help ensure trainees are updated with the service requirements back in Brunei.
  • Doctor trainees are advised to start  compiling their personal portfolio and to keep copies of their:
  • supervisor report;
  • procedures as evidence of progress;
  • This can be used in combination with other records, should trainees fail to pass their exams. 
  • RACP Progress Report - in addition to MiniCEX, PQR, and DOPs.
  • This can be used for the PREP Programme and will help to accredit trainee progress.
  • In choosing their specialty training, trainees need to assure the PGATB that their post is accredited. Otherwise, it would be better for trainees return to Brunei and provide service to the country, rather than spend time in a non-accredited post elsewhere.


Internship and Traning Facilities

Scholars who are given permission for internship, housemanship and specialist training will be provided with the following facilities.
  • Living Allowance – Monthly
  • Travelling Allowance – Monthly
  • Book, Clothing and Stationary Allowance – Annually
  • Return air passage ticket to/from place of training.

MoE does not reimbursed the following payments made by government scholars undergoing internship/housemanship and specialist training such as
  • Medical Licence Registration
  • Training fees
  • Visa fees
  • Visa Health Check


The Pre-registration Housemanship Programme for Brunei Darussalam

The first Pre-Registration Housemanship Programme was launched in Brunei Darussalam on 1 September 2008.  The programme now has two intake starting dates each year:
  • 1st Monday of September
  • 1st Monday of March
This national programme was set up by the Postgraduate Advisory & Training Board (PGATB) under the Ministry of Health, Brunei Darussalam.  It has been accredited by the Brunei Medical Board and successful graduates from this programme are eligible register as medical practitioners in Brunei Darussalam.
The programme comprises 6 months in medicine and 6 months in surgery.  During the year the PRHO PY1 trainee will be expected to attend an initial orientation programme, followed by a series of weekly dedicated study half-days.  They are also expected to complete a portfolio comprising:
  • A log-book of clinical cases
  • A log-book of procedures
  • One clinical audit project for the year
  • Two case-based discussions
Assessments will be made by a prescribed number of compulsory:
  1. DOPS (Direct observation of procedural skills)
  2. Mini CEX (Mini clinical examination)
  3. Case-based discussion and presentation
  4. MSF (Multi-source feedback or 360° assessment)
  5. Clinical Placement Assessments by supervisors
Trainees will be encouraged to be self-directed in their learning, although a support network, by means of a Reflective Tutor and a Mentor will be assigned.  This is in addition to the educational supervisors within their assigned clinical departments.  The PRHO PY1 trainee will meet with appraisal members of the PGATB at:
  1. The Induction Interview  & Orientation (before / at the beginning of the 1-year training programme)
  2. At 6 months (at end of their 1st Rotation)
  3. At 12 months (at end of the 1-year programme)
Upon successful completion of the PRHO (PY1) programme, the trainee will be signed off and receive a certificate of successful completion.