At times, students are required to undergo internship, work experience, placements and rotations as part of their course or program requirement. The program may be compulsory, contributes to the overall grading of the module or, just an elective to provide exposure on actual professional environment to the student concern.

As internship, work experience, placements and rotations forms a vital part of a student academic, it is important for students to familiarise themselves with the structure of the program to enable students to plan ahead. This usually involves writing to organizations that are relevant to the requirements and purpose of the internship, work experience, placements and rotation program concerned.

MOE, DANA, BAS, MORA, UBD, and SBPP students are required to apply for permission to undergo internship, work experience, placements and rotation program even though the program is sanctioned by the respective University. Students should submit the the following at least three (3) months before the program  commences.

  1. Letter addressed to EAUC's Director of Studies seeking  permission,
  2. Online Placement and Training Form - Online PTF,
  3. University support letter,
  4. Details of programme,
  5. Letter toorganizations,
  6. Organization offer / decline / rejection letter,
  7. Student acceptance / rejection letter, and
  8. Other supporting documents relevant to this application.

Students can send the support documents as an attachment to [email protected].au. Student should ONLY undergo these programmes once permission is granted by their sponsor. Starting an internship, work experience, placements and rotations without authorized consent may affect your status as a Brunei government scholar or loan receipient, resulting in loss of air passage, accommodation, and travelling allowances benefits.

Important Links
Online Placement and Training Form - Online PTF
Online Application for Reimbursement 4 - Online AFR4
  • for Air passage, travelling and accommodation reimbursements
  • for submissions after completion of internship, work experience, placements and rotation
Australian Internship Website
Useful Document Templates

Students are expected to prepare a concisee and objective letter, aimed at facilitating the quick approval of the application. The letter among other things should includes

  • Program Objective,
  • Program Duration,
  • Program Venue,
  • Reasons for venue choice,
       - why in Brunei not in Australia,
       - why you prefer organization A over B etc.
  • Costs estimated.
       - health checks
       - security checks
       - immunization
       - pre-requisites training
       - accomodation
       - travelling expenses
       - air passage

Students are encouraged to apply for internship, work experience, placements and rotations with the host country's organization. Joining an overseas (either in Australi, New Zealand or third country) program will provide value-addness to the student future carrier and is also good for their curricula vitae (CV). Gaining an overseas work experience may also proof valuable for capacity building in Brunei.

However if the same program is available in Brunei, and it is more cost effective to do it at home, then a student should make Brunei a priority for their internship, work experience, placements and rotation preference.
Studentsundertaling research, field trips, attend conferences may receive the following facilities once their application is approved.
1. Australia or third country
  • Students may be eligible for the following benefits:
       - Air passage;
-      - Accommodations (maximum of 3 days);
       - Transport expenses;
       - Security Vetting (if any);
       -  Immunisation (if any); and
       - Prerequisite courses.
2. Brunei
  • Students are eligible for return air passage only plus their monthly entitlements such as monthly and travelling allowances.
  • The EAUC will not reimburse any expenses costs incurred by the student as a result of the elective placement or rotation. The monthly travelling allowance is expected to cover such expenses.

The EAUC will not process any application sent during or after the student has started with the program.