All Brunei students in Australia and New Zealand are required to register with the Education Attache Unit, Canberra (EAUC). This will including MOE (including Doctors), DANA, BAS, MORA, UBD, SBPP, MINDEF, MOFAT, MOH, In-Service, Private and Self-funding students.  To register, simply complete and submit the Online Student Particulars Form - SPF.

All Brunei government-sponsored students and loan recipients new to Australia and New Zealand are required to submit their Online SFP within two (2) weeks of their arrival in the country. In addition to online SPF, new students are also required to email the following support documents to EAUC at [email protected]

  • passport photo (jpeg) and a
  • copy of your passport details pages (pdf),
  • Scholarship Card (pdf),
  • Student Visa Grant (pdf),
  • University ID Card (pdf),
  • Certificate of Enrolment (pdf),
  • Scholarship Award Letter (pdf),
  • Scholarship Financial Guarantee Letter (pdf),
  • Air Ticket (pdf),
  • Advance Allowance Statement (pdf),
  • OSHC Policy (pdf) and
  • OSHC Membership Card (pdf).


Once in Australia or New Zealand, a private/self-funding student is required to register with EAUC and to update their details throughout their study period. Annual registration is in January but first time registration can be done anytime by submitting the Online SPF and the Information Disclosure Form Private - IDFP, preferably within two (2) weeks of their arrival.


Students are advised to prepare the support documents while they are still in Brunei and to email them to EAUC at [email protected] as a complete set to avoid multiple submissions. For emailing guidelines, please click HERE.

All Brunei students including MOE (including Doctors), DANA, BAS, MORA, UBD, SBPP, MINDEF, MOFAT, MOH, In-Service, Private and Self-funding students, are advised to re-register and submit the online SPF at least once a year while they are still studying in Australia or New Zealand. It is best to submit the online SPF in January - before the start of the new academic semester/year. Students are also not required to send any additional support documents as they have done so during their first registration.

Registering with EAUC as a Brunei overseas student is important to you as it will help ensure you are getting the right kind of support and assistance in times of need for example natural disaster and calamities, accidents, emergencies or social unrest. It will also ensure prompt and adequate action is taken appropriate to your status as a student in;ine with Australian privacy laws.

Failure to register may imply a student have left for Brunei, or presently not in Australia/New Zealand. For Brunei government funded scholars and students, failure to register will lead to the temporary suspension of allowances and other entitlements until such time, they have reported in to the Unit..