Additionally if you are renting a room or an apartment alone you should practice and observe the following set of recommendations. As a rule of thumb, it is best to,

  • Lock your doors and windows even when you are at home.

  • Never open your door to strangers. Ask for their credentials and never let tradespeople and salespeople come by your apartment without an appointment.

  • Never reveal your phone number to a wrong number caller. Ask what number they dialed and advise them to try it again.

  • Never give personal information over the phone, email, social media or on internet sites.

  • Don't reveal to a caller that you are home alone, and hang up on obscene callers.
  • Do not let strangers or someone you just met learn about your travel or holiday plans.

  • Regularly check the door bell, smoke and security alarms are in working order.
  • Keep a list emergency numbers in your phone.