• Avoid leaving your devices such as mobile phones, tablets and notebooks in common areas, in plain sight or where there is heavy student traffic.
  • Keep devices in a secure place, such as in a personal locker. Alternatively, you can secure devices with quality hardware by using cable locks or other lockdown devices.

  • If you intend to leave your room, lock all doors and windows. Take your keys with you.
  • If you are in a lecture, ask a friend to mind your devices for you.

  • If your device is stolen, report it to campus security.

  • Use indelible markers or engravings to create distinctive marks on your notebook or devices. This will help you to easily identify your notebook or devices when misplaced or stolen.
  • Consider buying a theft alarm system specially designed for notebooks and other devices.
  • Lock your device in a safe place when not in use or use a cable lock that wraps around a desk or chair leg.