Final year students are given a maximum allowance of 1.13m3 of container space for sending personal items back to Brunei. This includes packing materials and transport from door to port in Australia. Any additional expenses incurred as a result of shipping more than the amount allowed will be borne by the student.
Student are advised to ensure that the agent they choose is able to deliver to Brunei’s Muara port. The EAUC will not pay for any goods handling, transport or delivery charges in Brunei. Forms must reach the EAUC no later than two (2) months before delivery to Brunei.
Students are also allowed to send their personal items by air freight provided if:
The air freight cost does not exceed the cost of shipping, and/or
An alternative mode of delivery is not available except air freight.

All Brunei government scholars are entitled to have their personal items shipped home to Brunei once they have completed their studies. This facility includes packing and material, collecting and door-to-port transfer of personal items measuring 1.13m3 (for singles) or 1.79m3 (if married).

To kick start this process, students are required to contact three (3) reliable international shippers who can provide the services above. Once a potential company (hopefully the cheapest to confirm it ships to Brunei) is identified, you can use the SPI form to note down the company’s details and arrange for packing, collection and shipping.

The form can be emailed to the EAUC for processing. Usually the shipping company will contact the EAUC to authenticate the student’s identity before confirming the final packing and collection dates.


  • Once the student’s shipment has arrived in Brunei, students can contact the Brunei agent and arrange for self-pickup at the agent’s office.
  • This will reduce charges, by omitting the transport or delivery costs.
  • Reimbursement for terminal charges and handling charges can be forwarded to the Scholarship Division of the Ministry of Education. Students are to provide full documentation and proof of payment.

Students should inform the chosen shipping company that all claims should be forwarded to the Director of Studies at the EAUC and that payment can only be made once it provides the EAUC with a copy of the Bill of Landing. Before sending off the email, please ensure the following documents are also attached:
  • Copy of Passport - Information page only
  • Student Visa
  • Bill of Landing - Provided by company
  • Examination Result - If applicable only
  • E-Tickets - If applicable only    
  • Receipts/Tax Invoice

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@Updated 11 July 2017