Once all Brunei students (including under MOE, DANA, BAS, MORA, UBD scholars and SBPP recipients) have settled down,  they are required to submit the online Student Academic Portfolio or SAP. The Online SAP is used by EAUC to track modules taken by students each semester.

New MOE, DANA, BAS, MORA, UBD scholars and SBPP recipients are required to register their semester modules with EAUC two (2) weeks after the start of semester. If they arrived after semester the semester has started, then they need to submit their Online Student Academic Portfolio (Online SAP) two (2) weeks after their they arrived in Australia / New Zealand. 

After submitting the Online SAP, students are also required to email to EAUC at [email protected] the following support documents and form.

  • Program Calendar,
  • Program Brochure, and
  • Information Disclosure Form (IDF).

All existing or continuing MOE, DANA, BAS, MORA, UBD scholars and SBPP recipients are required to submit their Online SAP two (2) weeks after start of every new semester. Existing students are not required to submit any support documents.

Registering the modules a student takes each semester is important. Online SAP submissions will inform EAUC of students' academic load that semester. Taking less or more than the optimal four (4) modules is not advisable as it may lead to

  • unnecessary course extension, or
  • semester overload.

Should a student fails to make an Online SAP submission within the deadline set by EAUC, then payment of the student's allowances may be witheld until such time a submission is made.

Students intending on changing their modules are advised to do so before the University's census date. Making any changes after the census date usually incur a penalty. The University is instructed to invoiced the student directly for the penalty payment and this cannot be calimed to the EAUC for reimbursement.

Students are advised to plan early by talking to their program advisor or module lecturer. Once a decision has been made to change modules, the module must enrol for the module before the census date and make another Online SAP submission immediately.

Students basically are not allowed to change their program as this is considered as a breach of the scholarship/ student loan agreement. The student should contact EAUC for advise. After preliminary discussions, EAUC will asked the student to write in to the Director of Studies at [email protected]

As permission forom MOE takes sometime to come by, students are advised to submit their Online SAP early and may need to get the University to prepare submit an Online Academic Progress Report, Onlone APR. EAUC will only submit your application for program changeafter the Online SAP and Online APR are received.

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