This additional information serves to help students whose scholarship were withdrawn by the government.

Single Passage

  • In some unfortunate cases when government sponsorship is withdrawn or terminated, a student may be asked to return home and will be provided with a single return passage to Brunei Darussalam.
  • A student will be given two (2) weeks to settle their affairs with their university. This will also give them ample time to make arrangements with the EAUC for their flight itinerary and for shipping their personal items to Brunei.


  • Students whose scholarships are terminated will be required to update their academic status with the EAUC until they have completed their studies. They will also be required to submit their ERF and academic record, transcript or statement one (1) week before their departure to Brunei.


Extending Stay

  • If any student is considering postponing his/her entitlement to a later date, he/she is advised to submit a formal application to the Director of Studies, EAUC.

  • The application may only be approved if the student:
    • Needs time to settle any loose ends, such as rent, bills or the closing down of bank accounts,
    • Extends his/her visa,
    • Arranges for a Certificate of Entitlement: or
    • Intends on continuing on as a private student.

Passport Renewal/Lost

Please check that passports are valid for the whole duration of your study here in Australia. Should a student’s passport expire during their time of study, the Student Attaché Unit recommends that the student contact the Consular Section of the Brunei Darussalam, High Commission in Canberra regarding passport renewal.

As a basic guideline, below are some of the documents that students will need to renew their passport:- 

4 passport-sized photos with blue background
2 copies of the student’s passport
2 copies of the student’s Birth Certificate
$50 cash (Brunei or Singapore dollars)
Letter of explanation addressed to the Department of Immigration, Brunei Darussalam
Self-addressed envelope (for the passport to be delivered to student’s address).
This information is available at the Brunei High Commission’s website: www.brunei.org.au. You can contact [email protected] for further information.

  • The regulations and procedures provided serve as a guideline to all scholarship recipients and are subject to change.
  • Students are advised to contact the Education Attache Unit, Canberra (EAUC) either by phone or email for further details and clarification.
  • Updates will be shared electronically either through email or the EAUC portal at brunei.org.au.